Weeding is an important task in the garden, especially between spring and summer when weeds compete with crops and can become very invasive. This work can be long and tedious, when one tries to ban chemical weed killers, that are pollutants and devastating for the ecosystem . But some sustainable farming methods can offer natural and eco-responsible solutions.


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Macambeni – A well kept garden

The Macambeni garden has become a real model for the inhabitants of the neighborhood. this wasteland has become an extremely well-kept, fertile garden, producing vegetables for the most disadvantaged. Watering is done by hand, drawing water from a wet area … Read More

Construction of a mobile henhouse in Lesotho

Imagined for the Grand Potager de Fontenille in the South of France, here is a second application of this mobile hen house concept, in Lesotho this time, in St Paul school for the deaf in Leribe. The realization of this … Read More

The mobile henhouse

The mobile hen house has doubled its capacity! We added an additional 4m module, in the same width of 80cm, which allows to increase the capacity in hens, which are now 10, and the weeding capacity.


Each year, parts of the garden are covered with a black plastic sheets to neutralize the growth of weeds. In an aesthetic concern, straw boots are used to maintain the plastic sheet flat on the ground.

Eswatini – Educational Garden of Hlohlo

During the winter, Swaziland has a dry climate, with sunny days, and quite cold nights. Cabbage, spinach, and salad grow well in these climatic conditions. In this garden at Hlohlo Ame Primary School, crop residues from corn have been used … Read More

Grand Potager – First culture beds

After preparing the ground during winter, the first culture beds of the Grand Potager were set up in the spring of 2017. Below, tomatoes’ seedlings, planted in a square, with a system of tipi-shaped tutor, and several varieties of lettuce … Read More

Grand Potager – Preparation of the soil

Prior to cultivating a bed, we reduce the presence of weeds thanks to the method of occultation. This technique consists of watering the soil and then covering it with a dark plastic sheet. Thus unwanted seeds will tend to germinate … Read More