Tasty dishes cooked by the farm’s youngsters

A local vegetable garden is planned to provide a variety of vegetables and herbs for their personal use.Until the garden is up and running, the vegetables have been bought from Levi’s Nek stores….

Tasting at the Grand Potager

The exploration of the Grand Potager is not only one to see and to smell. The children were able to taste a couple of fruits and edible flowers, especially marigold and nasturtium. For those who feel unsure about the flowers, … Read More

Some news about the herbal spiral of the Grand Potager

At the Grand Potager of Lauris, the Mediterranean climate is favourable to the cultivation of aromatic plants. This is why a spiral of aromatic herbs was developed in the spring of 2019. And it is developing wonderfully well!  This structure, … Read More

Wild salad tasting

The chef and cooks from gourmet restaurant “Le Champs des Lunes” where invited by the team of the Grand Potager in Fontenille to attend a training of recognition and tasting of  wild salads. This workshop  was organized by Sylvie and … Read More

Roosboom spices

Designing Hope added natural spices (Moringa powder, kurkuma, curry, etc.) to its monthly deliveries to replace the chemical condiments that are very popular in Africa. New recipes were adopted by the women who are preparing food at Roosboom Half Way … Read More

Many varieties

More than 50 different species of old varieties of tomatoes are grown in the Grand Potager de Fontenille.

Garden of fragrant, aromatic and medicinal plants

A garden of fragrant, aromatic and medicinal plants was set up this spring at the Grand Potager. Drawn according to a geometric plan, it gathers plants generally used for their aromas, their perfume or their medicinal properties. Some plants are … Read More

A garden of fragrant, aromatic and medicinal plants at the Grand Potager

Used for their aroma, culinary taste or medicinal properties, these plants have been cultivated since the Middle Ages. Perfume plants are mainly grown for use in perfumery and cosmetics. Their essence does not always diffuse naturally, and may require some … Read More

Discover the flavors of the garden

A visit was organized for the children of the Lauris school on the Grand Potager de Fontenille. At this occasion, the chef of Domaine de Fontenille, Jérôme Faure, visited the grown plots with the children, to make them taste the … Read More

Grand Potager – Planting aromatics

Along the pergola, mint, melissa, and other aromatic plants.