In Burkina Faso, Designing Hope develops an educational agroforestry garden also involving a kindergarten in collaboration with APAF Burkina at the Laafi center in Koudougou , and The Ivory Foundation supports the establishment of a pedagogical garden in the school of Yagma in the outskirts of Ouagadougou.


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Drilling at Yagma Garden
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In order to secure the water needs of the school and its garden, The Ivory Foundation has committed financially to the completion of a drilling, which was carried out in April 2018. This drilling was a real success because it … Read More

Garden vegetables used for canteen meals
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In 2017, The Ivory Foundation funded the construction and running costs of a canteen for the school’s children. Meals are charged at a very low price to encourage families to offer this meal to their children. (75 FCFA, or about … Read More

Agroforestry in Yagma: First Moringa trees
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In Yagma, the garden is flourishing! The first fertilizing trees begin to grow. Souleymane Traoré, the president of APAF Burkina, explains to the children how to harvest the leaves of Moringa to use them to flavor the meals, after having … Read More

Yagma garden, Season 2…
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Yagma Garden just turned One year! This garden was set up by local NGO APAF with the support from The Ivory Foundation on the land surrounding the premises of Yagma School, in the suburb of Ouagadougou. It aims at providing … Read More

A painted Memory game for the preschool at Laafi village
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In Burkina Faso, a memory game was made using visuals from the garden. The visuals are painted by Solstène, a Burkinabé artist who is already involved in the awareness campaigns of Designing Hope. 50 visuals have been created in duplicate, … Read More

Market gardening plots at Koudougou
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The plots are now operational! The seedlings have been transplanted from the nursery and have recovered well. They require regular watering.

Yagma under water
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The rainy season has arrived … The garden of Yagma was partially flooded, the garden very soggy.

First fertilizing tree seedlings – Yagma
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The fertilizing trees are now ready to be transplanted onto the growing beds.

Fertilizer tree nursery
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The compost was used and incorporated into the plots. The shaded hut and the trenches dugged for the compost will be used now as a nursery for the fertilizing trees. Plastic bags, filled with a mixture of soil and compost, … Read More

Plots are ready in Yagma garden.
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The compost is now in the process of decomposition. In the meantime, the plots were dug and the soil loosened, ready to receive the compost that is now ready. In the foreground, we can see the first two plots dedicated … Read More

Preparation of compost beds
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The first step in the launch of the Koudougou garden is the preparation of the compost beds. Two trenches 7m long and 1m wide, 20cm deep were dug. The first trench is used for the creation of the compost bed, … Read More

First growing beds at Yagma
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The plots have been materialized on Yagma garden with metal stakes and string. Two were dug in priority to serve as a nursery for market gardening. Seedlings sprout are coming out.

Setting up water reserves on the garden of Yagma
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While waiting for a well to be dug on the ground of the school of Yagma, the water of city is used for the watering of the garden. Since the distribution is rather random, 4 reserves have been installed to … Read More

Construction of a canteen in Yagma
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The Ivory Foundation is committed to support the Yagma school in the outskirts of Ouagadougou. This project has two components: -An educational garden in agroforestry on a 4000 m2 plot nera the school buildings aiming at sensitizing young people and … Read More

Fencing the garden at Yagma
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The preparation of the compost requires 45 days, with 2 turnings of the compost pile to activate the maturation process every 15 days. This period was used to prepare the plots: the APAF Burkina technician has delimited the perimeter of … Read More

Implementing compost at Yagma
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The implementation of the activities linked to the project of creating an agro-forestry garden at Lycée Sainte Marie de Yagma in the outskirts of Ouagadougou, started with the support of The Ivory Foundation in March 2017. APAF Burkina, the local … Read More

Preparation of the ground in Koudougou
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Since 2011, Designing Hope has been developing a partnership with the Laafi village in Koudougou in the field of awareness of early pregnancy and HIV / AIDS. In February 2017, a new project completes this collaboration in partnership with APAF … Read More

A comic explaining basics of Permacuture.

Designing Hope has produced, with the support of The Ivory Foundation, an illustrated brochure presenting the techniques of permaculture. This document addresses several topics, the creation of raised beds, crops rotation, crops associations, with a focus on milpa, compost… This … Read More