Grand Potager – Setting up the composting area

A composting area of 20 meters long has been set up on the Grand Potager, in order to upgrade green waste and create compartments for the storage of elements in different stages of maturation, as well as to allow them to be mixed at different dosages as required.

Composting is an essential component of any good vegetable garden. It allows the production of potting soil from organic waste, so the Grand Potager greatly reduces its waste while supplying the plants that grows. It’s an ideal substrate.

The compartments:

1: Biomass reserve

2: Composting in silos

3: Leaves

4: Heap composting area

5: Manure

6: Crushed material

7: Heap composting area

8 : Dry grass

The perishable kitchen waste is placed in the composting zone covered with leaves and straws. It will disintegrate quickly, adding brown material to balance the compost.

If necessary, straw is purchased to feed the compost.


When is compost placed on the beds of the Grand Potager?

The ready-to-use compost will be placed before the winter (around October) and / or after the winter (in March)

The compost is used for the amendment, or for planting: the compost is brought at the time of planting.

For composting, the soil is prepared, compost is smoothed on the surface and then carrots, beets are sown.


At which frequency ?

Ex once for beets and carrots, if the soil is rich.



It is placed on the surface of the ground.

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