Discover our market gardening tutorials, to help you look after your vegetable garden and protect your plants naturally against pests and diseases.

Germination test on old seeds

To carry out a test protocol on seeds to ensure that they have retained their germinative germinative properties, you can work on twenty seeds, sown in pots. The seed packets and plates are identified. All the seeds with a good germination rate can then be sown immediately on a … Read More

Harvest of sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes at the Garden of Skills, Malanti, Eswatini The sweet potato is very popular in Eswatini, and is also suitable for sloping ground as it produces abundant creeping foliage. After each harvest, the women take cuttings from the harvested … Read More

Use of BT (Bacillus thuringiensis), Bala, Senegal

During the training course organised by The Ivory Foundation and Agrosemens in Senegal, Louis Marie Broucqsault and Cyriaque Crosnier Mangeat presented BT (Bacillus thuringiensis) as a solution for treating the pests that attack Moringa. Louis Marie noted that Moringa leaves … Read More

Observation of tomato acariosis in Dawady, Senegal

Cyriaque Crosnier Mangeat, from Agrosemens, provides advice in Dawady, where The Ivory Foundation has been developing a large collective vegetable garden since 2018, bringing together 150 village women on 450 cultivated plots. Observation of a tomato plant affected by acariosis … Read More

Aubergine Acariosis treatment, Rufisque – Senegal

Cyriaque Crosnier Mangeat advises Joseph Gomis on the Petit Princes garden in Rufisque, Senegal.Joseph has planted aubergines in this above-ground garden on the school roof. Cyriaque has detected the presence of acariosis in the aubergines.He advises misting the leaves from … Read More

Prevention of pepper virosis – Rufisque, Senegal

Louis-Marie Broucqsault, production manager at Agrosemens, is providing advice in Rufisque on the Handiscole garden developed by Designing Hope. He is advising Joseph Gomis, the garden’s manager, on how to prevent pepper blight. Louis-Marie Broucqsault, production manager at Agrosemens, is … Read More

Harvesting aubergine seeds

Cyriaque Crosnier Mangeat, manager of organic seed producer Agrosemens, advises on the Dawady seed project in Senegal. Harvesting methods: You need to select healthy fruit that has reached the ripening stage of the seed carrier (a stage further advanced than … Read More

Cultivation bed maintenance with a campagnole

Emile shows here the stages of preparation of the cultivation mounds. First step, the campagnole, this tool invented by Vincent Legris is manufactured by La Fabriculture. It is an improved broadfork, with two wheels to facilitate its movement. It has … Read More

Using the seed drill at the Lauris Great garden

Little demonstration of sowing at the Grand Potager of Fontenille, in the Luberon. On prepared ridges of 80cm wide, Mael , the head of cultivation in the vegetable garden, uses the single-row precision seed drill for a new row of … Read More

Milpa’s plot in Saint-Paul, Lesotho

Since 2017, The Ivory Foundation has been supporting deaf and hard of hearing youth in Lesotho. 5 students trained in agriculture have been placed on a new semi autonomous farm. Young people put their knowledge of agroecology into practice. This … Read More

Making off of the Traversine garden

This film presents the setting up of the Traversine garden by Designing Hope on the terrace of the Bercy school. A winning project of the Pariscultuers competition, launched by the city of Paris in 2016. it allow to know all … Read More

Making a Keyhole at the Grand Potager – Lauris

Making and filling a Keyhole. The Keyhole is a keyhole-shaped vegetable garden consisting of a central compost bin surrounded by raised beds. The Keyhole produces a large number of vegetables in a limited area, benefiting from the slow diffusion of … Read More

Agroforestry by APAF in Burkina Faso

This film presents the action of APAF in agroforestry in Burkina Faso. APAF is a pioneer in agroforestry in West Africa, with knowledge of local fertilizer tree species helping to regenerate the soil, in association with organic market gardening, and … Read More

Demonstration of permaculture beds

Designing Hope has developed several pedagogical gardens in South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho, promoting permaculture to encourage households to develop efficient vegetable gardens.This video present a demonstration of raised beds in Lesotho.