The mandala of Roosboom

A “mandala” garden has been set up in the vegetable garden of Siletithemba center in Roosebom, (KwaZulu Natal), South Africa.

Mandala is a Sanskrit word, an ancient Indian language, which means circle. It refers to any diagrams of various forms (round, square, octagonal, etc.) organized around a center.

8 petal-shaped raised beds ghave been set up and the “lasagna” technique was used to fill the holes of 20 cm deep, with cardboxes, branches and other nitrogenous and carbonaceous biomass, collected around.

In permaculture, the mandala is one of the elements found in garden design. It requires the gardener’s creativity, but it can also be linked to a spiritual approach. The mandala’s function is both aesthetic and productive, but it can also serve as an educational or relaxing place to walk.

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