Insect house making workshop in Lauris, France

Every wednesday at the Grand Potager in Fontenille children are offered a creative workshop.

This week an insect house making workshop took place, which was an opportunity to children and their parents around a do-it-yourself activity under the sun ! You take a hammer and nails,you fix wooden boards from salvage, you fill the different boxes with elements from the garden and there you go, the house comes to life!

Why build insect houses?

Insect houses goal is to attract insects which are useful to the garden. Indeed, it’s composed of differents boxes filled up of natural elements, like moss, pine cone, bark, which attract and shelter insects.

As every insects play a role in the auto-maintenance of an ecosystem, it’s important to protect them. These little insects houses’s construction is an excellent way for visitors to learn few things on life of these important insects !

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