Planting Chaya – Ladysmith

Chaya is a plant of Central America similar to spinach. Chaya is easy to grow in temperate climate. It is tolerant to heavy rain and drought.

Propagation can be done easily by cutting 20cm of the stems and planting them in moist soil. Roots are slow to develop so the growth will be quite slow during the first months, and leaves should not be harvested before the second year. Chaya leaves can be harvested continuously after as long as no more than 50% of the leaves are removed from the plant, which guarantees new plant growth.

Young Chaya leaves and tender cut stems can be boiled as spinach. It is a tasty vegetable, and is exceptionally high in protein, calcium, iron, and vitamin A. In fact, levels of Chaya leaf nutrients are two- to three times greater than any other land-based leafy green vegetable. Chaya leaves also have a possible antidiabetic effect. [Wikipedia]

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