Rufisque, Senegal

The school “Le Petite Prince d’Handiscole” was founded in 1998 on the initiative of Anna Gaye.
It welcomes 60 disabled and non-disabled pupils who have not had the chance to “experience” school to give them hope and dignity. The average proportion of pupils is : 1/3 disabled children, 1/3 children whose parents are disabled, deceased or very poor, 1/3 able-bodied children. The disabled children come from different types of disabilities: intellectual, motor, autistic, Down’s syndrome, amputations, visually impaired, hearing impaired.

The school has a pleasant, cool courtyard with trees and flowers, providing daily contact with nature for the children. But this small space is too small to develop a vegetable garden project.

Thus, in 2021, Dessine l’Espoir used its experience of creating an educational vegetable garden on the roof of the Bercy school in Paris to accompany the inclusive Handiscole school in Rufisque, in the creation of a vegetable garden on its 60m2 roof terrace.

Three types of growing trays have been designed:

  • One allows cultivation on 4 levels thanks to a metal structure equipped with 2 platforms of 60x120cm and one of 40X 120cm.
  • The second one is composed of two platforms of 30x120cm, welded on a structure that fits on the edge of the wall of the roof terrace.
  • The third consists of a flower composed of 5 petals drawn by a double metal band assembled around a central hoop. 

The principle of recycling was chosen to limit costs and to present an ecological garden concept. Indeed, the durable metal modules can accommodate recycling bins that the association has been able to collect.

Designing Hope has also favoured local craftsmanship, entrusting the creation of these structures to a young ironworker from the Mbour region, and the creation of mosquito net covers to an upholsterer from Rufisque to protect the crops.

An animator was recruited to involve the children in the life of this vegetable garden, and organize daily sessions of educational games around nutrition and the garden with the different classes.

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