What is the role of each insect? Why are they important in the garden?
Here are some interesting points to discuss linked to insects and biodiversity. The characteristics of insects help to introduce young people to the notions of taxonomy and species classification. It is also an interesting introduction to food chain and regulation of ecosystems. Insects role in the decomposition of organic residues and in soil fertilization is also an essential point of this session.

Introduction to composting and observation of the compost’s useful insects

In front of the Grand Potager’s compost, the students from Lauris’ nursery school learned how to sort their waste. Plastic ? In the recycling bin ! Leftover chicken ? In the garbage can ! Vegetable peel ? In the compost … Read More

Bee watching at the Grand Potager, Lubéron, France

At the Fontenille domain, the garden is a shelter for many insects: on his own, the garden attracts a huge number of auxiliary insects. Today, as the fist flowers arrived, the children observed bees foraging the garden’s flowers.

Useful Insects

Designing Hope proposed in class an activity with the children of the elementary around the insects useful to the garden. A presentation of a dozen insects was made, then a questionnaire was given to the children to test their knowledge. … Read More