Greenhouses are protective constructions made of glass, plexiglass or plastic where the plants are sheltered. The translucent surface has the effect of heating the interior of the structure. This is called the “greenhouse effect”. This increase in temperature accelerated the growth of plants and also advances the sowing season, as plants species have access to favorable conditions for their growth earlier in the year. In order to develop these techniques in educational gardens, Transgardens has set up several types of greenhouses:

The bioclimatic greenhouse : See more information about the bioclimatic greenhouse

The mini greenhouse : Small greenhouse format that can help understand the principle of greenhouses and that can serve as a nursery during the winter.

The vertical greenhouse : Vertical greenhouse that allows to cultivate under a greenhouse a large quantity of vegetables on a small surface on the ground

The greenhouse of the St Paul’s school farm, Leribe – Lesotho

The youths in charge of the St Paul’s educational farm cultivate large plots of land dedicated to market gardening to supply the school canteen with fresh vegetables.Spinach, finely chopped and fried with onions, is a very popular sauce in Lesotho … Read More

Planting with children in Roosboom

The greenhouse at the Half Way House in Roosboom, expanded with the help of the young farmers from St. Monica’s Farm in Lesotho, can now accommodate more plants, protected from the sun’s rays and from the birds and grasshoppers, which … Read More

The greenhouse of the Garden of Skills, Eswatini

The greenhouse at the Garden of Skills was set up by the deaf and hard of hearing youngsters supported by The Ivory Foundation in Lesotho, modelled on the one they built for there school two years ago.  This greenhouse, covered … Read More

Flower hunt for Lauris school children at the Grand Potager

During a day at the Grand Potager, nursery classes from the Lauris school had the opportunity to be involved in a flower hunt. Near the bioclimatic green house and the aromatics spiral, a lot of flowers are present. The exercise … Read More

Nasturtiums are blooming after a winter in the greenhouse at the Grand Potager, Lauris, France

The nasturtiums spent the winter in the warmth of the bioclimatic greenhouse of the Grand Potager. Here they are in full bloom, declining several shades of yellow and orange… Pleasure for the eyes and for the palate, as these flowers … Read More

Seedling in the bioclimatic greenhouse of the Grand Potager

Temperatures are slowly rising in the South and it’s time to plant! Indeed, as the heat will be higher in the greenhouse, it will be an ideal setting to germinate young shoots. So, seedling lines have been drawn in a … Read More

Efficiency assessment of the bioclimatic greenhouse

Feedback on the bioclimatic greenhouse of the Grand Potager de Fontenille, in Luberon, 3 years after its construction. Sebastien Dutherage, its designer, analyses its strong points, and also sheds light on possible improvements.  

Preparation of greenhouse seedlings

Spring is approaching … It’s time to make the first sowing in the greenhouses of La Traversine garden. As part of extracurricular activities, the children of Bercy primary school were invited to participate in this sowing activity in the mini … Read More

The greenhouses of the Traversine

The greenhouses are ready for the winter … It only needed the plexi panels to protect them from the cold

Bioclimatic greenhouse

Sebastien Dutherage, head of the Association for the Promotion of Ecological Techniques (APTE) presents the concept of a bioclimatic greenhouse made with the support of The Ivory Foundation on le Grand Potager de Fontenille in Lauris, in the South of … Read More

The bioclimatic greenhouse of the Grand Potager

The bioclimatic greenhouse of the Grand Potager is ready for its first seedlings! Funded by The Ivory Foundation, this experimental greenhouse was designed with the expertise of the association APTE (promotion of eco-energies, ecoconstruction and ecological practices), and carried out … Read More

Autumn at Le Grand Potager

Autumn is mild, the gardening boards are still green with salads, cabbage, spinach. Soon, the bioclimatic greenhouse will take over for the production of the plants, to gain a few weeks on the season.

Grand Potager – Designing a bioclimatic greenhouse

The greenhouse will be a major element of the “Grand Potager” of Fontenille. A greenhouse that combines a modern and luminous aesthetic with the innovative concepts of the bioclimatic greenhouse, using natural and local materials. The operating principles of this … Read More