A painted Memory game for the preschool at Laafi village

In Burkina Faso, a memory game was made using visuals from the garden.

The visuals are painted by Solstène, a Burkinabé artist who is already involved in the awareness campaigns of Designing Hope.
50 visuals have been created in duplicate, allowing to extract a part of them to play memory game (the cards design and their quantity can be chosen depending on the age of the children).

Designing Hope has created this game to offer several educative possibilities.
In fact, it is also possible to play with the returned cards, to create plots , protect them with fences or hedges all around (twenty squares available with different types of fencing),  place animals, vegetable crops, fertilized trees …
It can be a way to learn how a create a vegetable garden, or a small farm in a playful way.


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