Lesotho – Preparation of planting fertilizer trees

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The seeds of fertilizer trees are covered with a natural coat which protects them but which also slows down the germination process.
Some seeds require a scarification, which breaks this protective envelope.

The seeds of moringa or gliricidia require only a soaking of 24h.

Several techniques are used.

With APAF, during our training in Southern Africa, Pascal Humbert presented the following techniques:

1- The seed membrane is weakened by rubbing against a rough wall (eg cement floor).

2- The seeds are immersed for 10 minutes in hot water (60-70 ° C approximately). Then pour fresh water and soak for 24 hours.

In case of large quantities of seeds, option 2 is faster.

The visuals below show these different stages. The seeds, whose envelope has been weakened, swell rapidly and germination can start quickly after transplanting in soil.

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