It is important to link gardening practices to a nutritional approach, in order to understand the role of fruits and vegetables, using the food pyramid for instance, to learn the food groups.

The Transgarden food pyramid at Bercy school

Designing Hope has designed a game around the food pyramid, with the aim of introducing the youngest to the principles of balanced nutrition. With a set of metal cards made in Burkina Faso and painted by an artist from the … Read More

Distribution of the book of recipes

Created by Designing Hope with Joseph Fonseca, an international volunteer based in Roosboom for 2 years, this book brings together recipes inspired by simple traditional cooking using vegetables from the garden. Its aims at encouraging the consumption of fresh vegetables … Read More

Evolution of Chaya Cuttings

In the space of 2 years, Chaya’s 20 cm cut has become a real bush (right in the photo), which provides leaves for cooking, and can be generously duplicated itself for other projects. This month, cuttings were sent to South … Read More

Traditional recipe book 

With an international volunteer (Peace Corps) in place for 2 years in Roosboom, Designing Hope has developed a recipe book inspired by traditional meals. Recipes are selected based on the vegetables they use, and the ability to produce them in … Read More

Moringa Oleifera

Plant with many virtues, it has great nutritional values. Moringa leaves are richer in vitamins, minerals and protein than most vegetables. In addition it contains twice as much calcium and protein as milk, vitamins C as oranges, as much potassium … Read More

Moringa planting at Roosboom

The first moringa seedlings are beginning to sprout. Culture of Moringa is very interesting because it is a plant with many properties and important nutritional values. In fact moringa leaves are richer in vitamins, minerals and proteins than most vegetables. … Read More

Presentation of Designing Hope’s Agriculture program in Swaziland

Designing Hope’s coordinator in Swaziland presenting the importance of good nutrition through home gardens, especially in a country largely affected by HIV and AIDS.

Nutrition poster

This poster was the first document produced by Designing Hope addressing the subject of nutrition.