Work begins on the Malanti garden!

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The first developments began in Malanti Garden, north of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). As the seasons are reversed compared to the northern hemisphere, it is currently summer in this part of the world, but it is also the rainy season. The women and men in charge of the project took advantage of these weather conditions to start planting fruit and fertilizer trees. When one wants to plant a tree in Africa, it is important to do so during the rainy season. In this way, the tree will have time to develop before facing the dry season. 

A hedge is also being planted at the borders of the field. This hedge is notably composed of Chaya, a small tree that can multiply very easily and whose young leaves are edible (they are rich in iron and calcium and can be cooked like spinach). This tree is therefore perfectly in line with the Garden of Skills project: the creation of a fertile and productive forest garden. 

Moreover, the terrain of Malanti is typical of what one can find in Eswatini: a hilly landscape of small mountains with many rocks on the slopes. These parameters have to be taken into account in the planning of the terrain. This is why sweet potatoes will be planted. This plant can adapt perfectly to this type of terrain by climbing on the rocks. Its development will even be favoured by the tropical conditions of the region.

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