Development of the covered area in St Paul

At St Paul’s School in Lesotho, deaf and hard of hearing young people have started to lay out the crop boards for the covered area, which they have even built. As a reminder, the purpose of this covered area is to protect the crops from the strong sunshine in this region. Thus, the installation of this 40% opacity net will reduce water evaporation while protecting the crops. Carrots, cabbages and spinach are to be planted here. 

A comparative experiment will also be carried out on two beds of similar crops, one under cover and the other in the open air. The growth of the crops and the yield of the beds will be observed over one season. If this process proves to be effective, it can be used in other gardens, until trees can replace this process to provide natural shade while fertilising the soil.

The development of this covered area coincides with the drilling of a well which is being finalised and will then facilitate access to water to irrigate the crops. This well has been funded by The Ivory Foundation.

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