Some activities are intended to be performed only once. They are more suited for classroom work with a larger number of participants.

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Presentation of the insect hotel to the crèche children

Children from the Villiot crèche discover the insect hotel in the traversine garden. The activity leader explains the role of each compartment adapted to a particular type of insect.

Vermicomposting workshop with the children of the primary schools and the kindergarten of Bercy, Paris

Designing Hope and the kindergarten of Bercy received  from the City hall of Paris 2 vermicomposters with the compost worms. We installed a worm bin with the children of the Bercy primary schools and another worm bin with the children … Read More

Workshop on the installation of the insect hotel with the children of the CLAJE in the garden of Traversine-Villiot, Paris

With the children welcomed by the Centre Paris Anim’ (CLAJE), the team of Dessine l’Espoir finalised the installation of the insect hotel in the garden of Traversine-Villiot.  We installed pieces of broken bricks for the staphylinid, pine cones for the … Read More

Introduction to composting and observation of the compost’s useful insects

In front of the Grand Potager’s compost, the students from Lauris’ nursery school learned how to sort their waste. Plastic ? In the recycling bin ! Leftover chicken ? In the garbage can ! Vegetable peel ? In the compost … Read More

In-class intervention on selective sorting, Bercy, France

Did you know that it takes 27 plastic bottles to make one recycled sweater? It’s worth sorting your waste to recycle it, right? The activity leaders of the Traversine garden have prepared an activity on selective sorting for the kindergarten … Read More

Bee watching at the Grand Potager, Lubéron, France

At the Fontenille domain, the garden is a shelter for many insects: on his own, the garden attracts a huge number of auxiliary insects. Today, as the fist flowers arrived, the children observed bees foraging the garden’s flowers.

Cutting workshop activity at the Grand Potager!

The animation team of the Grand Potager organised this Wednesday afternoon a cutting workshop activity in the garden. The mild temperatures of the last few days and the coming arrival of spring mean that it is currently a good time … Read More

Learn how to sort the garbage

In order for the elementary school children to go home with the right gestures and to better understand the principle of composting in the garden, we organized a waste sorting activity. Through the game of selective sorting, the youngsters were … Read More

Construction of bird boxes

In order to welcome even more birds in the garden, new nesting boxes had to be built. So the children got involved: one nail here, another there and here are two brand new houses for our friends the birds! Our … Read More

Vegetables stamps at Laafi, in Burkina Faso

The children of Laafi kindergarten in Koudougou conducted a plant buffer workshop proposed by Transgardens. Vegetable ends, having an interesting shape, are used as buffers for drawing with paint. The children were very impressed by the shapes and designs obtained …

Useful Insects

Designing Hope proposed in class an activity with the children of the elementary around the insects useful to the garden. A presentation of a dozen insects was made, then a questionnaire was given to the children to test their knowledge. … Read More