Lesotho is a small mountainous country enclosed within the territory of South Africa.
Altitude, lack of water, and poverty of soils often loaded with stones, do not help agriculture, and it is mainly livestock that predominates.


St Paul school, funded by the NGO Sentebale, is located in Leribe, at the northern border of Lesotho.

It brings together 5 to 14-year-old deaf and mute children from rural and very disadvantaged areas.

The Ivory Foundation has set up an agricultural project on the grounds of this school. It is about creating a demonstration garden, with plots cultivated by children.

The group of Ladysmith supported by Designing Hope moved to Lesotho for training in raised beds and compost creation techniques.

In 2016, the two projects also partnered to design a cooking booklet inspired by traditional recipes and using vegetables that can be grown locally.

In 2017, The Ivory Foundation and the APAF developed on the outskirts of Maseru, the capital of Lesotho, a pilot garden in agroforestry.



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Washing vegetables

Designing Hope undertook an awareness campaign on water saving. The washing of vegetables can be a source of waste, when it is done with running water at the exit of the tank. The purchase of basins for this purpose by … Read More

Harvest of vegetables at St. Paul’s School

Harvest of vegetables in the garden of St. Paul’s School. The children take part to the sowing, the maintenance of the vegetables, the watering and the harvests with a woman from the association Fundzisa Live. assigned to the garden.

The ewes arrived

The ewes arrived in Leribe, Lesotho. They are part of the micro-farm project imagined by The Ivory Foundation to help the deaf children of St Paul’s School, trained for two years in agriculture and livestock farming, to settle their own … Read More

Use of termite mounds

Abandoned termite mounds are used as bio-fertilizers for growing the vegetables. The soil will be recovererd and mixed to be used in the greenhouse.

Plant nursery Preparation – Mamohato Children Center

A space has been delimited to accommodate the nursery, which will produce the necessary fertilizer trees for the field.

Plants to protect the plots

In Lesotho, agaves are used as barriers to protect cultures from animals.

Mamohato Children Center

Located on the outskirts of Maseru, the capital of Lesotho, this holiday center, funded by NGO Sentebale hosts groups of HIV positive children during the school holidays for one week. They come from all over the country, and enjoy a … Read More

Mamohato Children Center – preparation of the agroforestry plot

Training in agroforestry techniques was provided in May 2017 in Lesotho at the Mamohato Children Center. With one member of APAF  in charge of this training, plots have been identified in order to prepare the establishment of a vegetable garden … Read More

St Paul school, Leribe, Lesotho

Following the training given in 2016, the garden of Leribe is flourishing. With the help of the youth, the gardener Leepa, has multiplied the plots of cultivation, and the harvests are here.

Lesotho – Preparation of planting fertilizer trees

The seeds of fertilizer trees are covered with a natural coat which protects them but which also slows down the germination process. Some seeds require a scarification, which breaks this protective envelope. The seeds of moringa or gliricidia require only … Read More

A comic explaining basics of Permacuture.

Designing Hope has produced, with the support of The Ivory Foundation, an illustrated brochure presenting the techniques of permaculture. This document addresses several topics, the creation of raised beds, crops rotation, crops associations, with a focus on milpa, compost… This … Read More

living seeds

Agrosemens supports Designing Hope by allowing the distribution of reproducible seeds on its various projects in Africa (Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana). This support associated to training of techniques of agroecology and permaculture improves nutrition of hundreds of families, … Read More

Preparation of a raised bed

This films describes the preparation of a raised permaculture bed in a demonstration garden in a school in Lesotho  

Keyhole in stones

The Keyhole is a traditional gardening technique used in Africa for small surfaces. Culture is done on a raised surface in the shape of a horseshoe, and supplied with nutrients through a central composting area. Earthworms are developing in the center, … Read More