This last three years we have been helping St Paul School for the Deaf, with a financial and an educational course to create a micro farm that can accommodate 5 to 8 students to learn the management of a farm (agroecology, cereal culture and breeding).

This year, The Ivory Foundation has imagined a structure that can accommodate trained farming students and new students. The main goal is for well trained students to help new ones getting started and to become self-sufficient in a few years.

This is a dual obective :

– Offer these young deaf and hearing-impaired people the opportunity to learn how to manage their farm, thanks to the presence at their side of a tutor, who is the former head of culture of the school.

– Allow new young people at St Paul’s school to take the place of their elders, and to follow this training in turn.

St Monica’s farm school was thus born at the end of 2019, on a land provided by the bishop of Leribe.

He agreed to give the young people land and premicises to allow them living here.

A room is also available for the head of culture.

St Monica is seen as a transition farm for young deaf and hearing-impaired  people.

A local NGO was created: “Farming Our Future” to manage this farm, and help these young people to apprehend the management of their working tool.

The idea is also to help these young people after 2 years to settle in their own farm, so that the farm of St Monica can then welcome the new students trained in St Paul for them.

Milpa culture

Now that the corn has grown and the squash is growing, it’s time to plant beans to their feet ! The principle of milpa is the optimization of space, by the association of three plants, which provide mutual benefits to … Read More

Small livestock activity at St Monica, Lesotho

On Saint Monica’s farm, in order to diversify resources for young people, a small livestock farming activity has also been set up. Herewith, around twenty hens raised in open air and ten sheep were acquired thanks to the support of … Read More

The mandala, ready for new seedlings

The Mandala of St Monica, realized in November 2019, is empty!The fertile soil of its petals allowed the vegetables to grow quickly, and be harvested early February. Again, raised bed cultivation has shown its effectiveness, especially at the end of … Read More

New raised beds in St Monica

The farm of St Monica has a limited cultivable surface. They have to optimize space in the farm to obtain a sufficient crop yield and a mid-term objectif of financial autonomy. To achieved this, a long slope covered in grass … Read More

Cooking class in St Monica

The young people of St Monica’s farm find themselves for the first time independent, in charge of preparing their meals. The Ivory Foundation first covers their needs in basic products (oil, cornmeal, lentils and vegetables not available in the garden … Read More

Tomato boards

The garden of St Monica has been structured with the installation of several tomato boards. Linear structures made with branches support the tomato plant to prevent them from touching the ground and catching diseases.

Creation of St Monica’s Mandala

In order to start vegetable production on St Monica farm, in the middle of the dry season, we chose to start cultivation on a Mandala. It is a garden in the shape of a flower, the petals of which are … Read More

The great team

This is a great day for the 5 deaf and hearing-impaired young people trained at St Paul’s school, who after several weeks of work, can finally take over St Monica’s farm, with the support of The Ivory Foundation. Leepa Mosehle, … Read More