Board games have a strong impact on children. A story can be told by the board and the way pawns move forward and backward. Playing cards can transmit knowledge and the play challenge can be contextualized in reality.

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Vegetable life memory game at Rooseboom

The youngsters at the Half Way House in Rooseboom were able to try out the new game launched by the association, which completes the transgardens catalogue for educational games in all the gardens run by Dessine l’Espoir and The Ivory … Read More

Collection of educational games

Dessine l’Espoir has developed a collection of educational games about gardening and the environment. To make them easier to handle, the association has asked the women of Eswatini to make the bags, hand-embroidered with the name of the games and … Read More

Games with the nursery school children at La Traversine

During their visit to the vegetable garden, the children from the Bercy nursery school split into two groups. While one group looked after the garden, the other played board games created by the association around fruit and vegetables.

The Residence Villiot Festival, Paris

On Saturday, September 24th, 2022, we took part in the Festival of the Residence Villiot. We welcomed children and adults of the Residence Villiot in the shared garden of the residence. The children were able to enjoy the board games … Read More

Sign memory for the school for the deaf and hard of hearing in St Paul, Lesotho

Transjardins has developed a memory game associating a card of an element (vegetables, fruits or garden tools) with a card representing its gesture in sign language. Other cards combine the two (elements and signs) in order to facilitate learning for … Read More

Face memory for St Paul’s School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Lesotho

The photographs of the St Paul’s school for the deaf and hard of hearing children carried out last year in the middle of the Leribe vegetation within the framework of the project “Nature en Ville”, were reproduced in a memory … Read More

7-family game at the Grand Potager, Lauris

The children of Lauris nursery school discovered a revisited game of 7 families designed by Transjardins at the Grand Potager of the Domaine de Fontenille. The children were each given a game board corresponding to a fruit/vegetable family colour (orange, … Read More

Aromatic memory with the Lauris preschool at the Grand Potager

On a table installed near the aromatics spiral of the Grand Potager (Domaine de Fontenille), the Lauris preschool children played aromatic memory. In each little pot is an aromatic herb (lemon balm, thyme, rosemary, chives, sage). The children win when … Read More

Pedagogical tools at the Traversine garden

During the Mayor of the 12th arrondissement’s of Paris visit to the Traversine garden, we displayed the pedagogical tools which were conceptualized by Dessine l’Espoir, such as the nutrition games. The children of the Bercy school had the opportunity to … Read More

The Biodiversity Game!

Developed in 2018 by Designing Hope, the Biodiversity Game introduces children to current environmental issues in a playful way. Up till now uniquely developed in its prototype version for the Bercy school, the game is being developed in a small … Read More

Pedagogical dominoes in Lesotho

An educational domino game was designed by Designing Hope in order to introduce the diversity of vegetables to children from an early age. Designed by an artist from Koudougou in Burkina Faso, this game, painted on metal, conquered the deaf … Read More

Pedagogical board games in Laafi

The children of St Paul’s School for Deaf received games designed by Designing Hope and made in France and Burkina Faso. First, they received a game of goose biodiversity that is played with cards and pawns moving on trail printed … Read More

The Transgarden memory game at Saint Paul School

s part of the project Classes Communicantes, a memory game was made by craftsmen in Burkina Faso. This game has been duplicated and sent to the different centers for which Transjardins has developed educational gardens. This memory, on the theme … Read More

A painted Memory game for the preschool at Laafi village

In Burkina Faso, a memory game was made using visuals from the garden. The visuals are painted by Solstène, a Burkinabé artist who is already involved in the awareness campaigns of Designing Hope. 50 visuals have been created in duplicate, … Read More

Creating a Memory game

This afternoon at Roosboom children have created a Memory game on the theme of garden vegetables. This activity allow children to develop their creativity while providing them source of entertainment, and improving their memory and their knowledge of vegetables. EnregistrerEnregistrer