The Mamahoto center is a holiday center created near Maseru, the capital of Lesotho, by Sentebale Association.

It welcomes HIV-positive children from all over the country to offer them a week of vacation in a friendly ressort.

Sentebale was supported by The Ivory Foundation to create a demonstration garden of innovative farming techniques on this site, with awareness-activities for children.

With the support of Apaf, a terraced garden, adapted to the land, integrating several hundred fruit and fertilizer trees, has been set up.

Keyhole from Lesotho

An example of a family Keyhole in Lesotho. In this mountainous country, stones are the basic material for all buildings. The keyhole, this small elevated vegetable garden, with central composter, does not escape the rule.

Use of termite mounds

Abandoned termite mounds are used as bio-fertilizers for growing the vegetables. The soil will be recovererd and mixed to be used in the greenhouse.

Plant nursery Preparation – Mamohato Children Center

A space has been delimited to accommodate the nursery, which will produce the necessary fertilizer trees for the field.

Plants to protect the plots

In Lesotho, agaves are used as barriers to protect cultures from animals.

Mamohato Children Center

Located on the outskirts of Maseru, the capital of Lesotho, this holiday center, funded by NGO Sentebale hosts groups of HIV positive children during the school holidays for one week. They come from all over the country, and enjoy a … Read More

Mamohato Children Center – preparation of the agroforestry plot

Training in agroforestry techniques was provided in May 2017 in Lesotho at the Mamohato Children Center. With one member of APAF  in charge of this training, plots have been identified in order to prepare the establishment of a vegetable garden … Read More