Transgardens pedagogical gardens demonstrate the effectiveness of sustainable farming techniques. Garden tours can be organized to invite other children or even adults to discover these techniques.

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Bridging snack with the children of the Bercy kindergarten and the Villiot crèche in the Jardin de la Traversine-Villiot, Paris

The children of the nursery school of Bercy and the crèche of Villiot met in the garden of Traversine-Villiot. They composted their vegetable waste (mainly peelings) and visited the garden together. Then, in the kiosk around the clover tables, the … Read More

Visit of the gardens, Bala, Sénégal

Abdourahman, the head gardener of the Bala garden, is also in charge of three gardens in three outlying villages.  With the support of The Ivory Foundation, stakes and fences have been purchased to delimit market gardening areas operated by about … Read More

Making pickles with the last tomatoes of the Traversine Villiot garden thanks to the civic services hosted for a training day by Unis-Cité

Within the framework of a day of training organized by Unis-Cité and bearing on the topic of the environment, the young people in Civic service were able to put the hand to the paste and to collect the last green … Read More

The Residence Villiot Festival, Paris

On Saturday, September 24th, 2022, we took part in the Festival of the Residence Villiot. We welcomed children and adults of the Residence Villiot in the shared garden of the residence. The children were able to enjoy the board games … Read More

Discovery of the new bins in the garden of Rufisque

New structures have just arrived on the terrace, and will make it possible to increase the surface area cultivated on the roof terrace of the inclusive school of the Petits Princes in Rufisque. The children came to discover these new … Read More

Visits to surrounding schools to promote the Yagma garden, Burkina Faso

The animators of the garden of Yagma visited various schools in the surroundings in order to promulgate the educational project of the garden. As in the Villiot garden in Paris or the Garden of Skills in Malanti, one of the … Read More

The elements guardians at the Grand Potager, Lauris

During the visit of the Grand Potager of the Domaine de Fontenille, the Lauris preschool children were separated into four groups. Each tribe was associated with a guardian of the elements: Fuoc, guardian of fire; Aura, guardian of air; Terrà, … Read More

Visit of the Grand Potager animals with the Lauris preschool

The Lauris preschool children came to visit the Grand Potager of the Domaine de Fontenille. All day long, they were able to discover the different parts of the garden by participating in playful activities (sowing, composting, egg hunt, memory, colouring). … Read More

Compost with the Lauris preschool at the Grand Potager

The Lauris preschool children discovered the principle of the compost in the Grand Potager of the Domaine de Fontenille. The children took turns cutting fruit and vegetable peelings into small pieces and throwing them into the compost. This activity allows … Read More

Easter eggs hunt with the Lauris preschool at the Grand Potager

Easter eggs hunt at the Grand Potager ! 11 leaves and flowers, chosen to be easily identifiable and recognisable, were taken from the vegetable garden, around the aromatic garden. They were placed on a board and presented to the children … Read More

Composting activity with the students of the Bercy nursery school

Peels, dead leaves, more peels and more dead leaves… One layer after another, our compost is built like a lasagna dish. The children were delighted to get their hands dirty to make it !

Tasting at the Grand Potager

The exploration of the Grand Potager is not only one to see and to smell. The children were able to taste a couple of fruits and edible flowers, especially marigold and nasturtium. For those who feel unsure about the flowers, … Read More

Flower hunt for Lauris school children at the Grand Potager

During a day at the Grand Potager, nursery classes from the Lauris school had the opportunity to be involved in a flower hunt. Near the bioclimatic green house and the aromatics spiral, a lot of flowers are present. The exercise … Read More

Introduction to composting and observation of the compost’s useful insects

In front of the Grand Potager’s compost, the students from Lauris’ nursery school learned how to sort their waste. Plastic ? In the recycling bin ! Leftover chicken ? In the garbage can ! Vegetable peel ? In the compost … Read More

Pedagogical tools at the Traversine garden

During the Mayor of the 12th arrondissement’s of Paris visit to the Traversine garden, we displayed the pedagogical tools which were conceptualized by Dessine l’Espoir, such as the nutrition games. The children of the Bercy school had the opportunity to … Read More

Discovery of the biodiversity around the Grand Potager’s pond

During their visit to the Grand Potager, the students of the Lauris school paid a visit to observe the pond which is located next to the henhouse, so as to learn many things about the biodiversity that can be found … Read More

Experimentation of the set-in-nature theatre at the Grand Potager

Track game at the Grand Potager series 5/5 Last step of the discovery day at the Grand Potager. This open-air theatre is a mere frame made of wooden tubes which is fastened between two small trees. Inspired by puppet theatre, … Read More

Balancing game at the Grand Potager

Track game at the Grand Potager series 4/5 Another step in the discovery day at the Grand Potager. Balance, patience and focus, all of these were required for the children to succeed in the balancing game’s journey. The game consists … Read More

Land art activity at the Grand Potager

Track game at the Grand Potager series 3/5 Third step of the discovery day at the Grand Potager: land art ! This artform consists in using materials from nature for esthetics purposes. The children had the opportunity to create their … Read More

Observation and drawing at the Grand Potager

Track game series at the Grand Potager 2 / 5 Back to the rest of the discovery day at the Grand Potager. The children focused on drawing reproductions of different elements of the garden, like the keyhole, the mandala, or … Read More

Walk in the Grand Potager park

Track game series at the Grand Potager 1 / 5 At the Grand Potager of Fontenille, 20 children of the Lauris summer camp came to discover the garden’s track game. During an afternoon, the children had a walk through the … Read More

Track game around the garden and initiation to bird calls at the Traversine garden

The children of the Bercy schools have taken part in a treasure hunt in the Traversine garden. During the journey, they discovered different parts of the garden: the mandala, the pergola’s herbs, the insect houses and even the vegetal teepee. … Read More

Manufacture of bird boxes at the Grand Potager !!

It’s time to install bird boxes in your garden or on the wall of your house if you haven’t already done so! With urbanisation and intensive agriculture, natural nesting boxes (cracks in walls, dead trees, hedges…) are becoming less and … Read More

Launching of “tracking game” at la Traversine garden

This week at the Traversine, the treasure hunt was happily inaugurated by the children. For about 1 hour, they  were able to discover the garden and its components (mandala, keyhole, wall, pergola of herbs etc. …) through a fun and … Read More

Autumn colors at the Grand Potager of Fontenille

The last tomatoes have been harvested in the Grand Potager while the autumn vegetable plants make their appearance on the growing beds. Chard and young mustard shoots develop well. During this season, it is also the occasion to harvest the … Read More

Treasure Hunt at the Grand Potager

During a school outing, children from Lauris’ school were invited to participate in a treasure hunt through the Grand Potager de Fontenille and its forest paths. Small signs were placed in trees amongst the Domain, presenting different kind of birds, … Read More

Thebe Magugu’s visit in Roosboom

The South African fashion designer Thebe Magugu, went to Roosboom to visit Desining Hope’s Half Way House in February 2020. He discovered the outdoor exhibition of his creations photographed by Aart Verrips on scarecrows, in the open fields. This exhibition … Read More

Educational visit to the Yagma Garden

Several times a year, technicians from APAF – the Agroforestry Proposal Association, organize visits to the garden with the children of Yagma’s school. A training program has been implemented with the support of The Ivory Foundation.

Visit of Yagma Garden after classroom training.

After providing classroom training at the Yagma school, APAF accompanies the students for an educational tour of the garden.

Inauguration of the Traversine

On April 29, 2019, the garden of la Traversine was inaugurated by Pénélope Komitès, Deputy Mayor of Paris, responsible for green spaces, nature in the city, biodiversity, urban agriculture and funeral affairs, and by Mrs. Catherine Baratti-Elbaz, Mayor of the … Read More

La Traversine From the sky!

The garden of La Traversine seen from the sky! On this 300m2 terrace on the roof of the Bercy nursery school, Designing Hope has set up an educational garden as part of the Parisculteurs project. This film offers a great … Read More

Visit of the children of the school of Lauris

The Grand Potager welcomed the pupils of the school of Lauris, for a guided tour of the Grand Potager. The children, had a visit to the different garden elements: the composting area, the keyhole vegetable garden, the insect shelter, the … Read More

Biodiversity in the garden

In the Grand Potager, animals contribute to soil fertilization. Chickens are placed in a mobile hen house that allows them to feed on the culture beds, while weeding, after harvest. Donkeys and sheep provide manure that is directly used in … Read More

Children visit at Macambeni garden

One of the objectives of the Macambeni Garden is to produce fresh vegetables for the social preschool, which is home to orphans and underprivileged children, and offers them a hot meal every day. The children are invited to visit the … Read More

L’Oreal Citizen Day at La Traversine

Designing Hope has received the support of a team of 18 L’Oréal employees for the Citizen Day. A day dedicated to the maintenance of the garden, and animation of workshops with the preschool and elementary children from bercy school.

Shooting at The Grand Potager

A team of French television channel TF1 came to shoot at the Grand Potager of Fontenille in the presence of the children of the village of Lauris. Below Jerome Faure, the chef of the Domaine de Fontenille, in the presence … Read More

Children’s visit

25 children from Lauris school visited le Grand Potager de Fontenille. Le Grand Potager, will start its pedagogical vocation, now that the garden is operational. the children visited the various centers of interest of the garden in groups of 5, … Read More