The multi-purpose memory game designed by Designing Hope and drawn by Solstene, an artist from Burkina Faso offers several uses depending on the age of children invoved, and themes that want to address:
learn the names of fruits and vegetables, recognize colors, associate elements (bee and honey, cow and milk …) or sort the vegetables according to sewing or harvesting seasons … Here are some examples of the use of this multi-purpose memory game.

The Transgarden memory game at Saint Paul School

s part of the project Classes Communicantes, a memory game was made by craftsmen in Burkina Faso. This game has been duplicated and sent to the different centers for which Transjardins has developed educational gardens. This memory, on the theme … Read More

A painted Memory game for the preschool at Laafi village

In Burkina Faso, a memory game was made using visuals from the garden. The visuals are painted by Solstène, a Burkinabé artist who is already involved in the awareness campaigns of Designing Hope. 50 visuals have been created in duplicate, … Read More

Creating a Memory game

This afternoon at Roosboom children have created a Memory game on the theme of garden vegetables. This activity allow children to develop their creativity while providing them source of entertainment, and improving their memory and their knowledge of vegetables. EnregistrerEnregistrer