The major advantage of a garden is to be able to taste fruits and vegetables that have been self-grown. experiementing recipes using seasonal fruits and vegetables or tasting  vegetables to compare them with mass-produced products are activities that can be developed using garden crops.

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Tasty dishes cooked by the farm’s youngsters

A local vegetable garden is planned to provide a variety of vegetables and herbs for their personal use.Until the garden is up and running, the vegetables have been bought from Levi’s Nek stores….

Bissap harvest in Sentiou Maka

The women of the village of Sentiou Maka have harvested bissap leaves from their communal vegetable garden, which they will be cooking to accompany the semolina. This traditional plant is used both as a drink, by decocting the flowers, and … Read More

Distribution of meals in the Yagma canteen

The agroforestry garden provides daily vegetables used for the preparation of meals in the canteen of the Yagma school. Peppers, onions, tomatoes, spinach, cabbage are cooked in a sauce to accompany starchy foods or mashed beans. A project supported since … Read More

Spinach harvest in the Malanti garden, Eswatini

Every day, the women in charge of the vegetable garden harvest fresh vegetables in order to make balanced meals for the women in training at the Garden of Skills. Designing Hope takes advantage of these training moments to promote balanced … Read More

Pepper harvest at the Garden of Skills, Malanti, Eswatini

Peppers are particularly popular in Eswatini in the local cuisine.  The harvested fruits are small but very flavourful, and will enhance the meal served daily at the Garden of Knowledge. 

Thinning of carrot beds in the Garden of Skills, Malanti, Eswatini

In the vegetable garden of the Garden of Skills, nothing is lost!  When the women thin the carrots to encourage their growth, the young shoots are collected and cooked for the daily meal offered to the women in training.  The … Read More

A new cook at the Garden of Skills, Malanti, Eswatini

Designing Hope has recruited a full-time cook for the Garden of Skills. To accompany rice or traditional semolina (pap), Spe cooks a daily sauce using seasonal vegetables from the garden. 

A meal with the vegetables of the shared vegetable garden at the Traversine Villiot garden with all our partners, Paris

The harvest of vegetables realized at the beginning of November in the garden allowed us to organize a meal in the garden of the residence Villiot-Râpée, in the presence of all the actors who interact regularly with the garden. The … Read More

Making pickles with the last tomatoes of the Traversine Villiot garden thanks to the civic services hosted for a training day by Unis-Cité

Within the framework of a day of training organized by Unis-Cité and bearing on the topic of the environment, the young people in Civic service were able to put the hand to the paste and to collect the last green … Read More

Lunch at the Halfway House

Like every day of the week, the children enjoyed a healthy and balanced meal at the HalfWay House. The meal consists of rice and a sauce prepared with vegetables from the garden. This nutritional support benefits about 50 underprivileged children … Read More

Preparation of sweet potatoes harvested from the Garden of Skills, Eswatini

To add value to vegetable production from the Garden of Skills, Tolaguele cooked the harvested sweet potatoes. As part of the nutrition training that will be offered at the garden, recipes using little salt and only natural spices will be … Read More

The chilli pepper Christmas tree of the Grand Potager

In the garden, winter has arrived with its first frosts. Our mandala was not spared, the sweet potatoes died out on a weekend, and the chilies that kept them company did not survive either… What to do with all the … Read More

Visit of the children of the school of Lauris

The Grand Potager welcomed the pupils of the school of Lauris, for a guided tour of the Grand Potager. The children, had a visit to the different garden elements: the composting area, the keyhole vegetable garden, the insect shelter, the … Read More

Discover the flavors of the garden

A visit was organized for the children of the Lauris school on the Grand Potager de Fontenille. At this occasion, the chef of Domaine de Fontenille, Jérôme Faure, visited the grown plots with the children, to make them taste the … Read More

Distribution of the book of recipes

Created by Designing Hope with Joseph Fonseca, an international volunteer based in Roosboom for 2 years, this book brings together recipes inspired by simple traditional cooking using vegetables from the garden. Its aims at encouraging the consumption of fresh vegetables … Read More

Traditional recipe book 

With an international volunteer (Peace Corps) in place for 2 years in Roosboom, Designing Hope has developed a recipe book inspired by traditional meals. Recipes are selected based on the vegetables they use, and the ability to produce them in … Read More