Coloring fruit and vegetable designs, drawing and painting on vegetables, or using them as inking pads, … These are some examples of activities using coloring and painting as a way to introduce nature to children. Below several examples of such creative activity.

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Assembling the trays for the Traversine Bercy terrace

It’s assembly time ! Once all the materials have been reassembled on the roof, installation can begin. The Douglas fir boards have been pre-cut to size according to the new garden plans. Once the boards have been screwed in place, … Read More

Outdoor activities at Halfway House in Roosboom, South Africa

The Halfway House is a place for children to relax and enjoy themselves after school every day. They can enjoy outdoor games as well as board games inside the house, in addition to the daily meals they are served.These happy … Read More

Colouring activity at Bercy school

As part of the extra-curricular activities at Bercy school, a colouring workshop was organised on the theme of “lucky charm” flowers by the Dessine l’Espoir association. After creating a model of their project, the children drew it on an A3 … Read More

Arcimboldo-like self-portrait workshop by the children of CLAJE and elementary school of Bercy, Paris

The children of the Centre Paris Anim’ (CLAJE) elementary school of Bercy realized their self-portrait in the style of Arcimboldo. After colouring fruits and vegetables, the children cut and glued them to form their own face.

Drawing workshop of garden with the children of the elementary school of Bercy, Paris

Today, we asked the children of the Bercy primary schools to draw the vegetable garden of their dreams!  They were able to organise their imaginary garden as they wished, by placing fruits, vegetables, animals, insects, compost, ponds…While waiting for spring..

Pine cones decoration workshop with the children of CLAJE

The children welcomed by the Centre Paris Anim’ (CLAJE) decorated pine cones for the end-of-the-year celebrations. They glued pompoms and stars on them, wrapped the pine cones with thread on which they threaded beads and painted the ends of the … Read More

Winter digital painting workshop with the children of the Bercy primary schools, Paris

The children of the elementary school of Bercy made a card to wish a good Christmas to their close relations. They wrote on it, drew with felt pens, cut out and glued paper and stickers. Above all, after tracing their … Read More

Playful discovery of insects with the children of the Bercy nursery school, Paris

The children of the nursery school of Bercy in Paris were able to discover the various insects in the garden through colouring boards realised by the association.  The children coloured in bees, ladybirds, butterflies, ants, earwigs, woodlice and grasshoppers: all … Read More

Playful discovery of insects with the children of the elementary school of Bercy, Paris

The children of the elementary school of Bercy in Paris were able to discover the various insects in the garden through colouring boards realised by the association.  The insects were classified according to their role in a garden, namely pollinators, … Read More

Workshop on the installation of the insect hotel with the children of the CLAJE in the garden of Traversine-Villiot, Paris

With the children welcomed by the Centre Paris Anim’ (CLAJE), the team of Dessine l’Espoir finalised the installation of the insect hotel in the garden of Traversine-Villiot.  We installed pieces of broken bricks for the staphylinid, pine cones for the … Read More

Autumn painting activity with the children of the Bercy primary schools, Paris

We organised a painting activity using our stencils representing all kinds of leaves, fruits and vegetables. They were also able to use dried leaves to create various patterns. The children made many colourful paintings to take home!

Workshop creation of vegetable mobiles with the children of the CLAJE

With the children welcomed by the Centre Paris Anim’ (CLAJE), the team of Dessine l’Espoir organized a workshop creation of mobiles with natural elements.  On straight tree branches, the children hung woolen threads on which they suspended several vegetal elements: … Read More

Halloween modeling workshop with Double Face at the Traversine Villiot, Paris

To celebrate Halloween, Dessine l’Espoir joined Double Face to allow the children of the residence Villiot Râpée to realize frightening heads of monsters. After a day spent modeling clay under the guidance of Zoé from Double Face, the children painted … Read More

Landart and plant weaving activities with the children of the CLAJE and the primary schools of Bercy

This Wednesday afternoon, the team of Designing Hope organized 2 creative animations in the garden of the Traversine Villiot, one with the children welcomed by the Centre Paris Anim’ (CLAJE) and the other with the children of the primary schools … Read More

Rehabilitation of the cultivation trays at la Traversine Bercy, Paris

It is autumn, it is time to enrich and to refill the tubs of the mandala and the Keyhole of the garden of the Traversine Bercy in order to prepare the tubs to welcome new cultures. The bins have been … Read More

Plant decoration of frames with Claje in the Villiot garden, Paris

The children of the youth center of Villiot (Claje – Paris Anim) decorated wooden frames in the Villiot garden. First, they painted the outline of the frame in the colours of their choice. They then ventured into the garden to … Read More

Colouring with the Lauris preschool at the Grand Potager

The Lauris preschool children enjoyed a calm time to realize colourings in the Grand Potager of the Domaine de Fontenille. Sitting around the mandala, they coloured their own version of the beds forming a flower. After the visit to the … Read More

Decoration of clay pots for Easter at Bercy school, Paris

With the Easter holidays approaching, the Bercy primary school children decorated small clay pots in the shape of rabbits. They painted the pots in the colours of their choice. Then they formed the ears of the rabbit by cutting out … Read More

Colorful mural in the Bercy Traversine garden, Paris

The children of the Bercy primary school realized a coloured mural with the help of stencils. On a large piece of cardboard, they let their imagination run wild: they painted leaves and flowers in different colors and signed their masterpieces. … Read More

Christmas decorations workshop at CLAJE de Villiot

The children from the leisure centre in Villiot made Christmas decorations with bamboo branches, raffia, cords and the association’s “Porte-Bonheurs” flowers. The leafy parts of the branches were used to make wreaths, while the hard parts were used to create … Read More

Future set-in-nature theatre is underway at the Traversine Villiot garden

The Traversine garden will soon host a mini set-in-nature theatre ! First step: cutting out and colouring the paper templates that will bring to life all the stories that the children made up. Fairies, boares, feathers, pumpkin houses, she-warriors… that … Read More

The Grand Potager’s raised mounds

At the Grand Potager on the Domain of Fontenille, we tried out a raised mound technique, connected by a teepee giving inclined support to climbing beans and marrows, thanks to a weaving which was handmade with ropes. This green cover … Read More

Paint on vegetal stamps by the Bercy nursery school’s students

The Bercy nursery school students took part in an unusual painting activity. After drawing branches on paper sheets, they got to decorate them with multicolored fruits, by using lemons, bell peppers, zucchinis, onions, celery and artichoke leaves as stamps to … Read More

Experimentation of the set-in-nature theatre at the Grand Potager

Track game at the Grand Potager series 5/5 Last step of the discovery day at the Grand Potager. This open-air theatre is a mere frame made of wooden tubes which is fastened between two small trees. Inspired by puppet theatre, … Read More

Land art activity at the Grand Potager

Track game at the Grand Potager series 3/5 Third step of the discovery day at the Grand Potager: land art ! This artform consists in using materials from nature for esthetics purposes. The children had the opportunity to create their … Read More

Drilling at St Paul’s school, Lesotho

With the support of The Ivory Foundation, drilling was organised last February 2021 at St Paul’s school. A relief for the St Paul’s farm and school, which faces water shortages every year. Water network cuts are regular during the dry … Read More

Insect house making workshop in Lauris, France

Every wednesday at the Grand Potager in Fontenille children are offered a creative workshop. This week an insect house making workshop took place, which was an opportunity to children and their parents around a do-it-yourself activity under the sun ! … Read More

First cabins at Malanti’s garden, Eswatini

The construction of little cabins has just started. These cabins are the result of a local and sustainable economy: they have been made using wood from local forest production and have been assembled by a company located near the center. … Read More

Manufacture of bird boxes at the Grand Potager !!

It’s time to install bird boxes in your garden or on the wall of your house if you haven’t already done so! With urbanisation and intensive agriculture, natural nesting boxes (cracks in walls, dead trees, hedges…) are becoming less and … Read More

The garden of Saint Monica, Lesotho

The 6 young deaf and hard of hearing people manage the Saint Monica Educational Farm in Leribe, Lesotho, funded by The Ivory Foundation in 2019. Within a year they have structured a wasteland into a fertile and productive plot of … Read More

Halloween land art activity

The fall season is now here at the Traversine and with it its lot of colors: yellow, orange, red, brown… It’s the opportunity to organize a land art activity with the children using the leaves of the yard. With Halloween … Read More

Construction of bird boxes

In order to welcome even more birds in the garden, new nesting boxes had to be built. So the children got involved: one nail here, another there and here are two brand new houses for our friends the birds! Our … Read More

Filling of the containers

At La Traversine, new bins have been made to accommodate new plants in the educational garden! To do this, we start by putting a layer of clay balls at the bottom of the galvanized metal tub that we have custom … Read More

Garden preparation with the children in Yagma, Burkina Faso

In the agroforestry garden at the Yagma school on the outskirts of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, students are involved in its maintenance. Indeed, they prepare cultivation beds that will contribute to the improvement of their daily meals. This garden, set … Read More

Bourel Garden in Dawady, Senegal

Dawady’s farm school is located 60km from Tambacounda in Eastern Senegal, with the local expertise of Am Be Khoun and the financial support of The Ivory foundation and ULB cooperation. After its establishment, The Ivory Foundation commissioned Am Be Khoun, … Read More

Vegetables stamps at Laafi, in Burkina Faso

The children of Laafi kindergarten in Koudougou conducted a plant buffer workshop proposed by Transgardens. Vegetable ends, having an interesting shape, are used as buffers for drawing with paint. The children were very impressed by the shapes and designs obtained …

Recyled cans transformed into flowers

These flowers were made with cut cans, with the children of Macambeni, to decorate their playroom. In Swaziland there is no recycling. Plastic bottles and cans often find themselves burned in a corner of the garden, or village. As long … Read More

frieze, tin cans and flowerpots

This is the last step of the tin cans decoration workshop! After designinig black and white friezes inspired from traditional patterns from several African countries, after having them colored by the children of Bercy, we printed them on a water-resistant … Read More

recycling cans from the canteen

The cans of the canteen were collected and painted in dark green. Filled up to 10cm of clay balls, at which level a hole was also drilled to form an overflow, they were filled with soil and biochar, and use … Read More

Drawing an hotel shelter

elementary students were invited to draw an insect shelter   EnregistrerEnregistrer

Drawings with the children of Macambeni

The children of the Macambeni center made drawings for the children of the Bercy preschool , as part of the “communicating classes” program, creating exchanges between educational gardens.   These drawings will be given to the children of the Bercy … Read More

Atelier photo dans la cour de Bercy

Marc Dumas s’est rendu avec l’équipe de Dessine l’espoir à l’école de Bercy, pour une animation avec un groupe d’élèves, à l’occasion de son exposition à la Galerie Umcebo, à proximité de l’école. Réburbain revisite et assemble des fragments urbains tout … Read More

Marc Dumas at Bercy School

Marc Dumas took part to a workshop with pupils from Bercy School, during his “Réburbain” exhibition at Gallery Umcebo. The exibition’s subject. Réburbain revisits and assembles ordinary urban fragments, a panoply of banal, common, functional, “no quality” and “unparalleled” objects … Read More

Local flora drawings sent to Paris

Dans le cadre des échanges entre les enfants s’occupant de jardins pédagogiques dans leur école et réunis autour du blog “Transjardins”, les enfants de l’école Hlohlo AME du Swaziland, ont envoyé aux enfants de l’école de Bercy (Paris), des dessins … Read More

Decorated friezes for the Traversine garden

In order to decorate the cans recovered from the canteen, we have imagined friezes inspired from graphics from the different countries where Transjardins works (bogolan from Burkina Faso, Zulu murals, decoration texts from Swaziland and Lesotho …) These line-drawn friezes … Read More

Seed painting for Paris

The children of the Hlohlo AME school in Swaziland have prepared an original gift for the children of Bercy school (Paris). They picked up pods from their school’s garden big flamboyant tree and decorated them with paint. Kids from Paris will … Read More

Collages at the Laafi center

The children of Koudougou decorated tree leaves drawings by sticking metallic and colored stickers on them. These drawings will join the suitcase offered by the children of Koudougou to the children of the school of Bercy as part of the … Read More

Children of Koudougou colorings

In the context of “communicating classes”, the children of Laafi kindergarten in Koudougou colored local tree leaves, such as neem, jujubier, mango tree, drawn by a facilitator. These drawings are destinated to the children of the Bercy school preschool, in … Read More

The tree of the Traversine is under constuction

The children of Bercy elementary school, in Paris, took part to the manufacture of a tree shaped sculpture made of plastic bottles, paper mache and resin. Animation sessions were conducted on Wednesday afternoons and during school holidays at the elementary … Read More

Making off of the Traversine garden

This film presents the setting up of the Traversine garden by Designing Hope on the terrace of the Bercy school. A winning project of the Pariscultuers competition, launched by the city of Paris in 2016. it allow to know all … Read More

Making a Keyhole at the Grand Potager – Lauris

Making and filling a Keyhole. The Keyhole is a keyhole-shaped vegetable garden consisting of a central compost bin surrounded by raised beds. The Keyhole produces a large number of vegetables in a limited area, benefiting from the slow diffusion of … Read More

Collage of leaves

Autumn leaves bring their array of colors and shapes to inspire playful and multiple creations. EnregistrerEnregistrer

Artistic herbarium

As an activity this week in Roosboom the children made a herbarium by drying leaves of different plants and then decorated homemade frames (cardboard and transparent sheet) with paint.  

Halloween at the Half Way House

Today at the Half Way House in Roosboom, it’s Halloween preparation … Today at the Half Way House children have carved pumpkins to make Halloween lanterns. 5 pumpkins were kept preciously for the occasion. Children first draw on the pumpkins … Read More

Creating a Memory game

This afternoon at Roosboom children have created a Memory game on the theme of garden vegetables. This activity allow children to develop their creativity while providing them source of entertainment, and improving their memory and their knowledge of vegetables. EnregistrerEnregistrer