The chicken coop of Malanti, Eswatini

In Malanti, a chicken coop has been set up in two adjoining pens.  The principle is to rotate the cultivation and housing of the animals in these two pens. The manure from the chickens enriches the soil for future crops. 

The animals of the St Paul’s school pedagogical farm, Leribe – Lesotho

The Ivory Foundation has been supporting the St Paul’s School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Lesotho since 2015.An educational farm has been set up within the school, combining animal husbandry and market gardening to provide the school … Read More

Insect house making workshop in Lauris, France

Every wednesday at the Grand Potager in Fontenille children are offered a creative workshop. This week an insect house making workshop took place, which was an opportunity to children and their parents around a do-it-yourself activity under the sun ! … Read More

Construction of a pond at the Grand Potager de Fontenille

A pond has been built by the animation team of the Grand Potager. A new feature of the garden, it is a real refuge for biodiversity: dragonflies, toads, frogs, newts, birds, beetles, etc. These animals will be all the more … Read More

Manufacture of bird boxes at the Grand Potager !!

It’s time to install bird boxes in your garden or on the wall of your house if you haven’t already done so! With urbanisation and intensive agriculture, natural nesting boxes (cracks in walls, dead trees, hedges…) are becoming less and … Read More

Construction of bird boxes

In order to welcome even more birds in the garden, new nesting boxes had to be built. So the children got involved: one nail here, another there and here are two brand new houses for our friends the birds! Our … Read More

The donkeys of the Grand Potager

The donkeys of the Grand Potager du Domaine de Fontenille contribute to the fertility of the garden soil. They produce a local and natural manure transformed into the composting area of the garden. On other farms, in permaculture, such as … Read More