In Burkina Faso, Designing Hope has set up, in collaboration with APAF Burkina, an educational agroforestry garden also involving a kindergarten at the Laafi center in Koudougou.

Laafi garden, Burkina Faso

Designing Hope has set up since 2017 an educational garden at the Laafi center in Koudougou.

This project, financed by Designing Hope, involves a group of 11 women supported by the association since 2011, who received training from APAF Burkina, a local association for the promotion of agroforestry.

A plot allocated by the Laafi Center has been fenced, to set up gardening plots, surrounded by a lively hedge and dotted with “fertilizing trees” to enrich the soil, and guarantee the supply of biomass in the long term.

This project also involves a kindergarten run by Laafi, were plots have been created and looked after by the group of women. Educational and creative workshops are organized to familiarize the children with the vegetable garden.

A collaboration between Designing Hope, Apaf, Laafi and AA Ulmann Fund

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Bicycles at Laafi

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Vegetables stamps at Laafi, in Burkina Faso

The children of Laafi kindergarten in Koudougou conducted a plant buffer workshop proposed by Transgardens. Vegetable ends, having an interesting shape, are used as buffers for drawing with paint. The children were very impressed by the shapes and designs obtained …

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The Laafi suitcase

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Collages at the Laafi center

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Children of Koudougou colorings

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A painted Memory game for the preschool at Laafi village

In Burkina Faso, a memory game was made using visuals from the garden. The visuals are painted by Solstène, a Burkinabé artist who is already involved in the awareness campaigns of Designing Hope. 50 visuals have been created in duplicate, … Read More

Market gardening plots at Koudougou

The plots are now operational! The seedlings have been transplanted from the nursery and have recovered well. They require regular watering.

Preparation of compost beds

The first step in the launch of the Koudougou garden is the preparation of the compost beds. Two trenches 7m long and 1m wide, 20cm deep were dug. The first trench is used for the creation of the compost bed, … Read More

Preparation of the ground in Koudougou

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