Since 2013, Designing Hope has embarked on an active policy of training people in permaculture, agroecology and agroforestry techniques. This knowledge promotes access to a more balanced food, in a context of physical fragility, poverty, and rising food prices that exacerbate malnutrition. Reproducible seeds are made available, , and training on seed reproduction and conservation is provided to enable families to be self-sufficient in the long run. This program is supported by The Ivory Foundation & the Raja Foundation.

Dessine l’Espoir has thus set up several demonstration and educational gardens, with the support of The Ivory Foundation: in a hospital, in several schools, in day care centers for orphans, and in youth centers, in several African countries.

These gardens now benefit several hundred children and raise awareness among their families. This approach also aims to enable families to be self-sufficient, in a context of physical fragility, poverty, and rising prices of basic foodstuffs that encourage malnutrition.

In 2016, the association also applied for the “Parisculteurs” competition launched by the City of Paris, with the aim of greening roofs and terraces on buildings in the capital.
The Dessine l’Espoir project was selected for the creation of an educational urban garden on the terrace of the Bercy school, near the Gare de Lyon train station, a stone’s throw from its offices. This garden, named “La Traversine”, was inaugurated in September 2017.

The association has since set up, with the support of The Ivory Foundation, the “Learning in the garden” program, and the Transjardins platform to share this educational work and create an “agri-cultural” link between young people from different countries.

Overview of the gardens

Roosboom Garden – South Africa

 The Roosboom garden is part of a day care centre for underprivileged children supported by Designing Hope since 2007. The children are welcomed after school and receive a daily hot meal. The maintenance of the garden involves the children, and participates in the preparation of the meals. Click here to find out more about this garden. 
Click here to discover Roosboom garden

Garden of Skills, Malanti – Eswatini

The garden of Malanti is part of the "Garden of Skills" innovative project initiated by Designing Hope in 2020 with th support of Bon Marché Rives Gauche.
It consists in associating on one site a "Garden Forest", in the middle of which will be built an activity and training centre in the fields of agroecology, agroforestry, craftsmanship, and micro-project management. Click here to learn more about this project.
cliquez ici pour découvrir le jardin de Malanti

Hlohlo School Gardens – Eswatini

Since 2012, Dessine l'Espoir has been collaborating with several rural schools around Piggs Peak. This support is multifaceted: awareness campaigns, donations of school uniforms to the most underprivileged children, but also nutritional support and training in agroecology. For this, Designing Hope has financed the establishment of enclosed gardens, the salary of a person in charge for each garden, the supply of seeds, and sometimes even access to water when necessary.
Click here to find out more about the Hlohlo school gardens.


Macambeni Garden – Eswatini

In 2017, Designing Hope is developing with the support of The Ivory Foundation an educational garden in Macambeni, an underprivileged neighborhood in the city of Piggs Peak. Its goal is multiple: to train women from this neighborhood in sustainable agriculture techniques, to provide fresh vegetables for the neighborhood's kindergarten, as well as for HIV-positive patients at the hospital. Click here to learn more about this garden.
Click here to discover the Macambeni garden

Ferme pédagogique de St Monica – Lesotho

The educational farm of St Monica is a structure welcoming deaf and hard of hearing students trained in agroecology, to help them to start up independently and become self-sufficient. Designing Hope has brought its field expertise to this project funded by The Ivory Foundation.
Click here to know more about this garden.

La Traversine Garden – France

La Traversine is an educational garden developed in 2017 on the roof of the Bercy school in the 12th arrondissement in Paris by Desigining Hope as part of the "Parisculteurs", a call for projects launched by the Paris City Council to green roofs, terraces and land in the capital. In 2020, after starting out on the school terrace, the Traversine takes root in the elementary school playground with La Traversine #2. Click here to find out more about this garden.

Laafi Garden , Koudougou – Burkina Faso

In 2017, Dessine l'Espoir and APAF set up a pilot agroforestry garden at the Laafi Center in Koudougou. This project benefits HIV-positive women from the Rahitaba association supported by the association since 2011, who have received training from APAF Burkina, a local association promoting agroforestry, financed by Designing Hope.
 This project also involves the kindergarten managed by Laafi, and plots have been put in place  for the children and pedagogical workshops are organized to familiarize the children with the vegetable garden. Click here to learn more about this garden.


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