Collection of educational games

Dessine l’Espoir has developed a collection of educational games about gardening and the environment. To make them easier to handle, the association has asked the women of Eswatini to make the bags, hand-embroidered with the name of the games and … Read More

The Garden of Skills greenhouse

posted in: Greenhouse, Malanti Garden

The Malanti greenhouse, built by young deaf and hard-of-hearing people from the Lesotho-based “Farming our Future” association, is a real asset for the women in the Garden of Skills. It enables them to sow their crops sheltered from the sun … Read More

Care of Malanti strawberry plants

posted in: Malanti Garden, Swaziland

Strawberries do well in Eswatini! The women in charge of the Malanti “Garden of Skills” have reserved a special place for them: a circular mandala. This year, the plants have produced their first crop of fruit, as well as numerous … Read More

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