Campus Vert is a student association from Koudougou University. It mobilizes students around environmental awareness projects, in particular by fighting against plastic bags use. some students form Campus Vert followed the training provided by Apaf at Laafi Village and asked Designing Hope for its support to develop a demonstration garden on the university grounds.

The association supported them in this process, taking charge of the fencing of a plot, supply of basic tools and seeds, and connexion to the water pipes.



Le Campus Vert a student initiative

Designing Hope supports the initiative of a group of students from Koudougou University, who created the Campus Vert association, which promotes sustainable farming techniques to students. A parcel was built, fenced, and the young people benefited from the operational support … Read More

Harvesting at the Campus Vert, in Koudougou

New pepper harvest by the Campus Vert association on their demonstration garden. New fertilizing tree seedlings were also planted to plant on the plots.