A self-fertilizing tree is a tree whose activity enriches the topsoil. It improves the texture and promotes structuring of the soil. To perform its function effectively, it must be ‘friendly’, that means that it can not compete strongly with the species cultivated for their domestic or commercial production “(Dupriez-de Leener, 1993).

Self-fertilizing trees are mainly from the legume family and more specifically from the subfamily of Mimosacaea.
They must be from a seedling that can form a single taproot capable of rising to the depths of the soil (from 10 to 30 m deep) the minerals (N, P, K …) and water necessary for the enrichment of the topsoil. Another advantage is that nitrogen-fixing bacteria (rhizobium) and fungi (mycorrhizae), which attract phosphorus, potash and other minerals, live in symbiosis with these trees.

Source: APAF

The fertilizer tree of Yagma

Trees grow in Yagma’s garden! Fertilizing trees and fruit trees are growing and will soon bring shade to the garden!  

Preparing the soil for the plant nursery

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Search for indigenous fertilizer trees, Piggs Peak – Swaziland

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First fertilizing tree seedlings – Yagma

The fertilizing trees are now ready to be transplanted onto the growing beds.

Fertilizer tree nursery

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Planting Chaya – Ladysmith

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